🌜Aperi☪Mentis🌛 (@aperi_mentis_) last month

My beautiful parents...taken during a healing reunion between us... close to 20 years of not being a part of one another's life. I owe so much to them... so much pain I caused them letting my own struggles take over and push them out... there's nothing in this world that compares to an unconditional love between parents and their children .. there's never a need for an apology.. just a need for each other's presence... your heart is never complete until that peace is there. Being a mother myself, I now understand the depth of pain I caused them, and there's no pain in this world that compares to your child rejecting you. I am going through the same with my own . My mother did the same with her mother.Your are powerless and all you can do is continue to love them even deeper and hold that door open and wait and hope they return to you. My parents did just that and waited with their heart and arms wide open. I love them so much and will continue to work on forgiving myself for the pain I caused. I love you, mom and dad, Thank you for loving me through my struggles and lessons. Hopefully my own will return to me one day. This karma needs to be broken and freed. #unconditionallove #love #parentslove #heal #forgive #forgiveness #karmicrelease #familykarma #family #healing #healingsouls