Amanda Workman (@amandawworkman) last month

My new year begins on my birthday each year - Jan 1 is way too much pressure I like to sip my coffee, think on things, pack up the old & ease into the new on the 12th. I woke up this morning after a weekend of celebration & reflection ready to take on the rest of 2018. The last 5 years of my life have been transformative. My Masters program requires that I do a deep dive into self and do some pretty intentional self work. It has not been easy and as with all self work is an ongoing process. I often tell people I could have done 4 years of therapy or gotten my masters - same result and with one I have a paper to show for it. Around the same time - and for many of the same reasons - I began working on Whole wellness - mind,body, spirit. Out of that has come a freedom lifestyle I could have never imagined & I am so grateful. I have done and am doing the work and am finally in a place and space where I love who I am without apology. So 2018 - age 41 - we have more life to live, work to do, success to be had, places to go, & adventures to live out! Happy New (to me ) Year! Let’s do this thing!