Amanda Workman (@amandawworkman) October 2017

Three years ago I made a decision to take my life back & create a life I loved. I wanted freedom - financial freedom, freedom to travel, freedom to be there for those I love - and I have it. 🍁 This week has been a crazy one. On Friday of last week I booked a ticket to fly in and out of Phoenix to be with family as they needed me. Yesterday and today found me taking care of another loved one as we figure out exactly what is ailing him. Later this month I have friends visiting & then I'm off to Asia for a week on a whirlwind adventure. The best part? I did not have to check in with my boss to see if I could take off to be with family, I didn't have to call in this morning & ask permission take time off to be where I needed to be, and I don't have to worry about my vacation days being gone when I travel. 🍁 My favorite part? I get to help others find this same freedom for the things they want in life. Want to learn more? PM me - I would love to chat! #coffeecultureconversation #joynvalor