Lynne @ New Mummy Blog (@newmummyblog) October 2017

SWIM TIME 🏊🏻 We've spent every single day in the pool. We can't actually keep Toddler H out of the pool, it's all she wants to do on holiday. I'm not talking about the kids splash pool with prirate ship, slides and water squirters, I'm talking about the big pool. The 1.2-2m depth pool. She just wants to swim and swim and swim. She swims, she does blast offs, she floats on her back, she jumps, she even does froggy arms and legs. It's lovely to watch how much she loves it, we know all the @waterbabiesuk lessons we've done since she was 3 months old have been worth it. She's a true #waterbaby and it looks like Baby B is the same. She also loved every second of her swims, she kicked, she smiled and she happily drank the water as we swam her about 😂 Ok maybe that's not quite so great, but reassuring that she knows how to actually drink when it comes to weaning! 🍴 I loved every second of doing baby swimming again, and can't wait to take Baby B to lessons too. It's been so worth it, I'm very sure that even without a woggle or @konfidenceuk float jacket, Toddler H could swim to the surface, cling on to the edge, monkey along the edge and climb out safely if she fell in. Those life skills are just that #lifeskills , absolutely lifesaving. . . . . . . . . #swimming #Waterbabies #toddler #babyswimming #toddlerswimming #holiday #majorca