iainrenwick (@iainrenwick) October 2017

▫️▫️FACES ▫️LIFE ▫️TRUTH ▫️▫️ • The 'selfie' wasn't born in the 21st Century or the capturing of #unique images of #friends , loved ones, #lovers and anything in-between. . It wasn't because of the advent of the cell-phone, cameras and social media - long before this was art as 'social media' before disruptive technologies dominated our lives. . For centuries artists have created images of themselves or those around them - selfies, portraits or whatever they leave a lasting legacy and deep imprint of the individuals captured for all time. • Pablo Picasso, " la femme qui pleure," 1937, Dora Maar. • #pablopicasso #picasso #painting #hermitage_museum #cubism #doramaar