Jack Pe-Ad Coaching (@jackpe_ad) October 2017

When in a gaining phase do you ever feel like your making no progress and just getting fatter?😅 _ Starting of with me I can 100% agree with this. Day in day out I doubt my progress and just wonder if I'm building muscle or actually just increasing fat mass? This is where the power of the images comes in and keep us accountable! There would be absolutely no chance in just measuring our progress by the scale , if that was the case I'd be immediately mini cutting very very often which isn't beneficial for muscle gain! It's just I have a lot of people asks and mention the exact same thing recently! Self doubt is really real but I personally use it for fuel for the fire when I'm trying to improve! Some ways to pretty much ensure progression within your physique⤵️ ✅ - Make sure your eating enough. ✅ - Pictures are king always. ✅ - Fuck scale weight. ✅ - Make sure your getting stronger. ✅ - Train really really really hard. ✅ - Take some sets to gruelling failure to elicit a hypertrophy response. ✅ - Do things you haven't yet done in regards to training. _ If you are training really hard and eating enough you will grow that's one thing it 100% sure of. By no means are offseason and gaining phases easy (they are not ) but you have just gotta try and stay positive and remember that your doing everything in your power to grow! I recommend taking images every 2 weeks and seeing what's going on , sometimes scale weight can be void in a offseason but that's my opinion. I'd love to hear your guys view?!: ) _ #BackAndShoulders #NaturalBodybuilding #Athletic #Apparel #Motivation #Fitness #Body #Instafit #Fitfam #Muscle #Workout #Biceps #Gym #Gains #Arnold #Bodybuilding #Physique #Crossfit #Aesthetic