Adam Schwerdt, DPT (@runmental) October 2017

This is precisely the why behind many of us on social media. There are at least a handful of people who have reached out to me saying that X, Y, or Z exercise or video helped them out. However, I've had nothing to the extent of this though. In the clinic, yes, but not through social media...yet. I thought this was beyond awesome and wanted to share a little glimpse of what keeps many of us going on social media even though there is little to no return for us except for you staying out of our care. While that sounds counter intuitive, if there isn't a big portion of you that's wants yourself to go out of business because people are really getting it, then maybe it's time for some strong reflection of your why. These latter thoughts and opinions are exclusively mine and not of @dr jacob.harden. Also, he did give me permission to share this.