MovMEANT. You’re Meant To Move (@cuchira) October 2017

This is my face today during our PlayShop @casashakti watching the #Beyoutiful warriors be raw & truthful. Their beauty was and is undeniable! Truth takes my breath away, makes me smile & I completely fall in love every single time. There is absolutely, without a doubt in my mind, nothing more beautiful than watching people just simply enjoy being (with ) themselves , playing, exploring, enjoy all parts that exist within them & sharing unapologetically within a community of open giving souls. I am blessed to be able to share in this experience with every single person that lays their trust in my hands for the little time we share together in these playshops. Thank you for sharing your light. Always play in your truth, for if you do, your light will shine and inspire! You were meant to move! #MovMEANT ___________________________________ Tomorrow is my last day @casashakti in Monterey, Mexico. Come join us! Just show up. 9:30am-3:30pm with a lunch break and laughs in between. Hasta mañana! #MovMEANT