University of Utah Choirs (@uofu_choirs) August 2017

The 2017/2018 academic school year is about to begin and our students and faculty are excited for the wonders of the year to come! Auditions to be a member of the University of Utah Chamber Choir and/or A Capella Choir are coming up, Friday, August 18th! Be sure to sign up for a time slot! A second audition day will be held, Tuesday, August 22nd if slots on the 18th fill. With a new year comes new artistic voices, leadership and talent! The University of Utah Choral Education department is pleased, and excited, to announce our newest DMA student, Yu-Feng Huang! Yu-Feng Huang 黃育峰, Taiwanese choral conductor Yu-Feng Huang, also a baritone singer and a choir manager, is starting the DMA program under Dr. Bradford. His path to becoming a musician has not been a traditional one. After completing his Bachelor of Arts in Economics at the National Taiwan University, he decided to follow his heart for his extreme passion of choral music. This is the turning point of his life. He in turn received his master degree in choral conducting at the National Taiwan Normal University, which has the best choral conducting program in Taiwan. Yu-Feng has served as the conductor in more than 10 choirs, including National Chiao-Tung University Chorus, National Cheng-Chi University Law Department Chorus, high school choirs and community choirs. #choraleducation #chamberchoir #acapellachoir #music #artist #featured #uofu #dma #ute #choir #auditions #instagram #musician #newyear #newmusic #baritone #tenor #alto #soprano #bass